PH Adjustment – Nickel Precipitation

SCHEDULEStart Date: February 2022
End Date: December 2022


The primary purpose of this project is to draw down the water level in Pond # 6 at client site. Secondary purposes include: produce sellable product from the precipitate resulting from the neutralization of pond water; removal of sludge from Pond #6 after the water has been drawn down; and increase the pH of the
water in Pond #6. Overarching requirements included:

  • Neutralization of acidic water from Pond #5 and Pond #6
  • Initial ph of ponds was in the range of 0.6 2.8; raised to ph 9 for discharge into tailings management area
  • Filter pressed the resultant precipitate to remove solids from neutralized water Equipment: 2 Filter Presses, 3 Mix Tanks, 1 C-Ring Clarifier, five 6-inch diesel pumps, 1200 metres of piping & hosing (HDPE and flex hose including stainless steel flex hose) & 850 super sacs of HazBonder¬©
  • Labour: 2 Site Supervision, 3 to 10 water technicians (single and double shifts daily)


  • KBL was able to neutralize the water after several other contractors were un-successful in their attempts
  • KBL was also able to filter press the resultant neutralized water to extract the metal-rich precipitate generated from the adjusted pH
  • Remoteness of site meant that vendors and support services were challenging to procure; KBL mobilized duplicate equipment to site for redundancies and maintenance issues requirements;
  • Supply chain issues arose due to the remoteness of the site; KBL worked with the client to ensure that a longer lead time was available to move materials and equipment.
  • KBL was able to achieve the goals set out by the client where other contractors were not able to.
  • KBL was able to tap into our national pool of equipment in order to provide the client with the equipment necessary to complete the project.


  • KBL neutralized and discharged ~25,000 cubic metres of acidic water
  • KBL generated 3,700 tonnes of nickel- and copper-rich filter cake