Landfill Gas Collection System Expansion

SCHEDULEStart Date: June 2020 
End Date: March 2021


The 2020 landfill gas expansion project was the final year/phase of landfill gas work for which KBL had been completing on this site since 2017. The 2020 works were part of a public tender process with KBL being the lowest submitted pricing.


  • The work generally included but was not limited to:
  • Drilling, installation and connection of 15 new dual-purpose vertical landfill gas extraction wells to the existing landfill gas flare system via a network of newly constructed and existing buried HDPE gas collection piping
  • Conversion of all existing single purpose wells to dual purpose, gravity drain traps, buried valve assemblies, retrofits to existing leachate manholes
  • Supply and installation of a 60HP compressed air system at the existing flaring compound


Throughout the project, the delays associated with Covid-19 presented a risk to the procurement of materials and the subsequent execution of the work. KBL was able to procure all the required materials in a timely fashion with the site team executing the work at a high level of workmanship resulting in a final product that was completed on time and within budget. A testament to this high level of workmanship can be seen in the fact that of the almost 10km of HDPE pipe installed there were no major failures during the pressure testing of the lines.