Water Management Services

We are prepared to work on behalf of the client during the planning phase of operations right through the complete project duration.

Site-Wide Water Management Services

KBL provides a full realm of water/sludge treatment and management for major infrastructure upgrade projects including LNG early works, facility expansions, dam construction and upgrades and large tunneling projects. These services are provided to clients who realize the benefits of having a complete water/sludge management plan and the right team to execute it.

 We are also set-up to respond quickly to unforeseen water problems that materialize as site conditions change, helping manage the customers risk.


KBL provides a full spectrum of water/sludge treatment services to our clients. Our management and technical services in water/sludge treatment include:

  • Storm Water Management & Treatment
  • Fixed Facility Operations & Maintenance
  • Hydrocarbon Contaminated Water Treatment
  • Concrete Cure Water pH Adjustment
  • Dredgeate Processing
  • Chemical Supply
  • Reverse Osmosis Treatment
  • Mobile Plug & Play Solutions
  • Metals Contamination Treatment
  • Construction Water Treatment
  • Lab Analysis & Bench Testing
  • Residual Management from Tunneling

KBL operates a group of specialty service lines, further providing value to our client. Through these specialized teams, we can provide additional site services including demolition and deconstruction of on site structures, remediation of contaminated sites, and transportation and disposal of contaminated material.