Hawkeye Facility Abandonment

LOCATIONNorth / Central Alberta
SCHEDULEStart Date: October 2019 
End Date: February 2021


KBL was selected to complete the full decommissioning and demolition of 13 stand-alone gas plants throughout north-central Alberta.
Pipelines were cut and capped at lease boundary and removed off-site. KBL provided excavators, shears, hammers and an assortment of small tools to complete full demolition of all the aboveground (buildings, stacks and other structures) and below ground (cables, pipelines, piles, and foundations) infrastructure. The recovered metal was processed and sent for recycling, concrete was recycled where possible, and C&D waste was hauled off-site for disposal. This project also involved some hazmat abatement of asbestos and NORM at multiple sites.


  • Demolished all buildings, stacks and aboveground infrastructure
  • All subsurface infrastructure including cable, pipelines, piles and foundations were removed
  • Metal was processed and sent for recycling, concrete was recycled where possible and C&D waste hauled for disposal
  • Also involved some hazmat abatement of asbestos and NORM at a few of the sites
  • We instituted daily update emails that were issued, and the client was notified immediately of any scope changes prior to proceeding with additional work. Any safety issues were immediately reported to the client.
  • Our safety procedures are continued to all visitors to the site, from subcontractors to Paramount employees, and are made aware of the various hazards that may be present any given day. Before entering the work-site, all personnel were orientated and produce any required training certificates. They are also required to participate in KBL tailgate meetings prior to commencing work.


There were several additional elements not identified in the tender for this project (fluids in vessels, tanks, lines, engines, silica beads in vessels, NORM, washed out roadways, etc.). We worked with the client to find the most cost and time-effective method of dealing with these challenges and were able to complete all project scope, including those not noted initially, without going over on schedule.

The client had a very demanding reporting structure for equipment destruction, and we successfully documented and reported the destruction of over 280 vessels with photo and written documentation.