Remediation & Reclamation

Site Remediation and Reclamation

KBL Projects sets the industry standard in soil remediation projects. From small disposal projects to large volume treatment projects, KBL has the equipment and experience to effectively and efficiently complete your project.

Our specialized remediation equipment supports multiple remediation strategies. We have the capability to efficiently mix, aerate, and add amendments to any volume of impacted soil.

KBL prides itself on being able to provide a full suite of reclamation services to our clients. We have the tools and expertise to return your site to it’s former state.  Bulk soil transport, subsoil and topsoil replacement, rotospik, seeding, fencing, etc. We are a one stop shop for all your surface reclamation needs.

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Our team has successfully executed site remediation projects throughout western and northern Canada.  We also manage our own treatment facilities which translates into a greater understanding of some of the challenges faced when working on remediation projects.