Landfill Construction

Your Solution for Landfill Construction

KBL can construct municipal solid waste, industrial and hazardous waste landfills. We have successfully completed numerous projects where we have constructed regulatory compliant lined and secured industrial landfills, re-constructed existing landfills or closed and rehabilitated old landfill facilities.

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KBL has the in-house capability to carry out all aspects of landfill construction from the permitting and civil construction of these facilities to the operation and marketing of the services ensuring long-term compliance and success.

Expertise in Landfill Construction and Rehabilitation

From Liner Installation to Cell Construction, Capping, and Rehabilitation

Leachate Collection and Liner Installation

KBL has successfully performed many liner installations and leachate collection systems being customized to suit both our clients’ unique requirements and each province’s unique regulatory requirements.

KBL can perform every aspect at the early stage of landfill construction including excavation. The leachate collection and liner systems have been designed to endure industrial waste streams as well as municipal solid waste.

  • Work w/client specific specs
  • Manhole installation
  • Collection trenches
  • Leachate collection piping
  • Liner installation

Cell Construction

KBL has successfully constructed hundreds of landfill cells. Each operation has unique requirements to suit different site specific requirements and schedules. Our fleet can handle virtually any requirement and has even successfully performed cell construction even during winter months across the prairies. KBL’s team is able to complete cell construction with or without sub-contractors.

  • Excavation and sloping
  • Storm water and erosion controls
  • Daily real-time project reporting
  • Excess soils management

Capping & Gas Collection System Construction

KBL has successfully capped many landfills. We work with clients’ engineers to prepare leachate monitoring systems. More and more landfill closure involves the construction of a gas collection and management system. KBL is very experienced in the development of landfill gas collection systems.

  • Gas collection well drilling
  • Landfill closure
  • Gas plant construction
  • Bio-reactors
  • Cell capping
  • Landscaping

Reconstruction and Rehabilitation

With the increasing emphasis on alternatives to building new landfills and the regulatory burden in acquiring new landfill site permits, KBL’s landfill mining is an ideal solution. An effective landfill recovery can add decades to the life of an existing landfill preventing for many years the need to develop a new site. This process involves the reconstruction of existing cells with the screening and compacting of old waste which has long since composted.

  • Waste excavation
  • Backfilling and compacting
  • Waste screening
  • Removal of white goods
  • Waste asset recovery
  • Tire shredding