Abatement, Decommissioning, & Demolition

We’re experienced in hazardous building materials (HBM) abatement and demolition projects. We work to ensure projects are executed safely to remove hazardous materials from structures prior to demolition.

Safely removing hazardous materials

KBL Projects has the equipment and expertise to decommission and demolish industrial facilities and complex commercial structures in a safe and controlled manner. We execute these projects through a combination of mechanical (via excavators with a variety of implements such as shears, hammers, and processors) and select hand demolition means.  Once demolition is complete, our KBL Logistics group has a wide variety of truck configurations to transport salvage and waste to their appropriate destinations.

Our operational efficiencies are lead by safety, budgeting and cost control, and engaged management. Our experienced Project Managers and Safety Officers provide continuous communication with the client throughout the duration of the project to help reduce risk, control scope and achieve the project budget and schedule.

Our abatement capability extends to multi-storey structures and multiple types of HBMs including asbestos, mercury, lead, mould, and PCBs. Abatement methods include encapsulation, removal and disposal. 

Our team is well versed in the packaging, transportation and disposal of these materials in accordance with occupational health and safety regulations as well as environmental legislation.

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