Bigoray & West Pembina Plant Demolition

LOCATIONNear Drayton Valley, AB
SCHEDULEStart Date: April 2022 
End Date: November 2022


The project involved technical demolition of all above ground infrastructure on two plant sites no longer required for service including mechanical shearing, torching, and demolition of tanks, vessels, furnaces, stacks, towers, pipe and racks, buildings, etc. The project included the demolition of the plant sulphur unit, NORM, and sulphur contaminated waste disposal, as well as disposal and recycling of all other waste streams encountered. KBL was selected to perform this work after being ranked highest overall in a competitive bidding process. The bidding process ranked contractors across all aspects of the job including but not limited to the execution plan, pricing, safety, experience, schedule, etc.


KBL mobilized a crew of approximately 8-10 workers and 5-6 excavators with various shears and attachments. The crew worked across the plant sites consecutively and demolition was performed in April-November of 2022. Approximately 12,000 tonnes of recyclables and waste were demolished and removed from the sites during the project. Once exposed from demolition, various additional NORM contaminated equipment was discovered and KBL worked with the client to safely remove and properly dispose of the waste. During the project, an ~300’ flare stack was successfully dropped along with an ~160’ incinerator stack. Some infrastructure onsite was live and did not require demolition or removal from the site and KBL was able to safely progress demolition around these particular areas.


Through the collaboration of the various KBL divisions (Onsite Demolition, Metals Recycling, Landfills, NORM), KBL executed an all-encompassing project safely with minimal incident. Through partnerships with local Indigenous groups, KBL provided direct economic benefits to the local community. KBL’s success with this project and client contributes to additional work.