Pacific Environment Center Site Remediation

LOCATIONNorth Vancouver, BC
SCHEDULEStart Date: October 2022
End Date: March 2023


Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC) released their annual tender for the Remedial Excavation Program at the Pacific Environment Centre (PEC) Site remediation, this year, in a two-pronged format to firstly pre-qualify suitable vendors and later issue an invitation to tender to the down selected contractors. KBL was among eight (8) organizations invited to Phase 2 of the highly competitive bid process. The scope of work included the transportation and disposal of 28,500 tonnes of previously excavated contaminated soil, and the excavation, transport, and disposal of 53,700m3 of contaminated soil. Additional optional work for which our pricing was accepted involves excavation 23,700 m3 of soil, and transport and disposal of 47,400 tonnes of contaminated soil.SCOPE OF WORK

To provide best-in-class value, KBL incorporated our Richmond Bioremediation Facility to reuse and conserve as much of the contaminated soil as possible. Our partner, Squamish First Nation, successfully fulfilled the Indigenous Participation Requirement (IPR) of the bid. In recognition of our collaboration with Squamish First Nation, KBL proudly provided a $10,000 sponsorship to the Stitsma Career Centre for Youth Career Conference 2022 and a $10,000 scholarship for Squamish Nation students focused on postsecondary technical training in project management and entrepreneurship.
Other actions included:

  • Import of 136,000 tonnes of backfill; export of 190,000 tonnes of contaminated soil, on-site remediation of hazardous waste, cell construction, utility abandonment, and upgrade.
  • Successfully completed sheet piling program with Vancouver Pile Driving (VanPile).
  • Enabled wet screening program for potential archaeological material within specific zones of the site.
  • Over the course of the project, we exceeded the 5% IPR and created meaningful opportunities directly contributing to the scope, for the Nation, totaling more than $1.2M which is over 7% of the total project value.


We worked in conjunction with Metro-Van and CN Rail to ensure that operations weren’t affected by tuck traffic. KBL and Squamish First Nation collaborated to ensure the successful completion of the project while maximizing First Nation utilization and benefit to the community.